The Fire Flop Positioning Disaster: Jeff Bezos Channels Steve Jobs but Ends Up Talking to the Microsoft Zune Design Team Instead

Software Business Operations Articles for 2017 The following article is excerpted from Softletter’s just released Product Positioning Workbook for High-Technology. The High End and Hardware Positioning If we apply the Workbook’s visualization technique to the iPhone vs. Fire Phone, the problem comes in...

Results Breakthrough Network: Putting the You and Me Back into Networking

2018 Softletter Articles In 2017, Corporate America spent $28B on training programs to improve efficiency, increase productivity and up level staff and executives. Yet, according to Training Industry Weekly, less than 8% of those programs were fever completed.  While there are dozens of...

Windows 10 S: The End of Free Range Software

Software Business Operations Articles for 2017 The high-tech industry is full of people opposed to GMOs and in favor of free range chickens, but when it comes to software, putting code in cages is currently all the rage. What we tend to think of as the modern software industry started in the 70s with the...

Shaun Russell Rocks SaaS Product Management Like It’s 1999

Software Business Operations Articles for 2017 A few weeks ago  I received a mailing from, I think, the BPMA (Boston Product Management Association) whose main headline was a link to a video entitled Things Nobody Told Me About Being a Product Manager given by a nice looking fellow of the name Shaun Russell, who,...

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