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Silly Agility: The Myth of the Saas Agile Product Manager, Part II of II

by Merrill R. (Rick) Chapman, Softletter Managing Editor This has changed with SaaS. Take a look at the results from our 2012 SaaS survey below: How often do you release a “major update” of your SaaS product to your customers? (A “major update” is defined as including significant new features and functionality, not just incremental improvements and bug fixes)? Less than once a year 7% Once a year 15% Twice a year 16% Three or more times a year 21% We do not have a “timed” or set release schedule; we release new features as they are ready 27% Other,

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In House Your SaaS Infrastructure or Outsource It?

By Merrill R. (Rick) Chapman When Softletter first began running it’s SaaS survey in 2006 the overwhelming majority of SaaS firms told us that they managed their infrastructure in-house (for the purposes of the survey, we ranked colocation as an in-house choice). I don’t have the exact numbers in front of me as I write this, but I think the number was close to 70%. When I talk to advocates of keeping infrastructure in-house they talk about the cost saving achieved. The best firms have learned to lower infrastructure as % of gross revenues to between 5% to 7%. Things

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