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Mac OS heads towards the sunset…

Quoted from Apple Legend Jean Louis Gassee Last quarter, Mac represented a little less than 8% of Apple’s revenue, while iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) amounted to more than 67% of the company’s $92B for the Xmas period. That disparity translates to about 2M apps for iOS and less than 10% of that number for macOS. Understandably, app developers are much more interested in iOS than in macOS, something that could slow the ARM-ed Mac transition. Mythical man-month fallacies aside, where would a rational app developer invest months of engineering resources? Read more at:

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One Market That’s Enjoying the WuFlu

New research by Atlas VPN has revealed that VPN usage in Italy increased by 112% during the last week. The data was derived from their 50,000 weekly users and the chart prepared by the team illustrates total COVID-19 cases and VPN usage growth for the period (March 9th to 15th, 2020). The research reveals, that: VPN usage in Italy grew by 112%. VPN usage in the US grew by 53%. VPN usage in Iran grew by 38%. VPN usage in Russia grew by 36%. VPN usage in Spain grew by 36%. To see the full report, please click here.

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