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The Dilemma

During their early growth, many new companies can’t afford to hire experienced marketing help, despite the fact that it’s during this period when making a smart decision and avoiding fundamental mistakes is critical to their long-term success.

A similar problem often faces larger firms. Many realize they must move into new markets such as SaaS and mobile, but don’t possess the internal resources to execute the transition. Often, the job is assigned to a person who lacks a marketing background and experience—and needs immediate help to succeed.


Some firms turn to one of the big consulting firms such as IBM or Accenture for help, but you pay outrageous rates (much of it consumed by executive overhead). For your money, you are usually assigned a bright, but relatively inexperienced “junior consultant” who hasn’t been in the trenches and is learning on the job at your expense.
In some cases, you receive excellent advice, but find yourself being charged hefty “execution” fees that require you pay at a massive, non-competitive cost (usually by outsourcing to a third party with a hefty markup baked into the coat). We’ve “re-resourced” several such major mistakes (ineffective positioning, bad pricing advice, and poorly executed promotions) in many of these situations.

In other circumstances, you can hire someone with high-level experience but hasn’t learned how to implement much of anything—at a start-up or a new division or venture. They may know what needs to be done, but don’t know how to do it—certainly not with enough detail to coach or mentor your team.

So, what other options are there? How do you obtain the type of help you need, either strategic or tactical, at a price that won’t decimate your budget?


Softletter’s Aegis View Consulting program with rates designed to fit a start up’s budget. Available exclusively from Softletter.

As the lead consultant, we’ve helped build and guide many start-ups, both in the SaaS and on-premise markets. Our approach is unique because we provide your company with a template-driven execution framework for your business from the beginning start of our engagement. (Please check out the sample Success and Goals checklists on the SaaS Entrepreneur page on this site for a visual example of what we mean.) As the author of The Product Marketing Handbook for Software and In Search of Stupidity: Over 20 Years of High-Tech Marketing Disasters, Softletter managing editor Rick Chapman is an expert resource on what to (and not) do when launching your company.

Access to Numbers

Another compelling reason to consult with Softletter is that we have a firm grip on the numbers that drive your business. In fact, many of the companies you may have worked with in the past often rely on our data when working with you. Here’s your opportunity to work with the source. Contact us via the form below or at

We look forward to helping you succeed!

Softletter Consulting

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