Pricing Schedule

  • All consulting packages include access to the complete content on SaaS University for one person for one year and one copy of SaaS Entrepreneur.
  • One to two meetings per week via phone, Skype, or collaboration tool of your choice (more as needed).
  • Ten hours of consulting (this is normally enough to develop an operational plan, template out a course of action and begin executing).

Additional Hours at $200 per Hour

$2,000 monthly retainer for up to 10 hours of assistance. For a nominal cost, you can retain Softletter for a month and gain access to up to 10 hours of consulting or project work.

Additional hours (must be pre-approved) lock at the $200/hour rate. My record is being able to define your product positioning, template out your operational and marketing plan, set up your basic business plan, and begin executing on it within 10 hours.

Consult with Softletter

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