Our process is based on a step by step, data-driven approach. The building blocks we’ll be assisting you to put in place include:

Developing a  comprehensive positioning strategy.  Proper positioning is key to success in the software industry. If the customer can’t quickly understand and visualize their usage of your system and understand the problem it solves, every other aspect of your marketing and sales will fail.

Pricing analysis. Your product’s pricing must be aligned with customer expectations,  be competitive, yet not leave money on the table.

Sales model development. Should your sale efforts focus on traditional”enterprise” sales? Are you a candidate for the “flywheel” model. Inbound and telemarketing? Or a blend of different approaches? We’ll focus on what’s right for your company and industry.

Channel analysis. While in many cases channel development is not the first priority for a new SaaS firm, you need to begin planning for channel development early to optimize your growth and market expansion.

Customer success and retention. Churn is the SaaS company sales killer.  We’ll help you avoid it by designing onboarding processes and procedures that integrate analytics and community into your product from the moment you go live.

Marketing and collateral analysis production scheduling. We’ll help you design and produce materials and target social media platforms that will be most effective in educating your market and attracting prospective buyers. Other areas of your company we’ll analyze include event marketing, content creation, PR and related issues, all within the context of your company’s market and niche.

Rick Chapman (@rickchampman) is a writer who specializes in SaaS products and the crazy, insane and wacky world of high-tech marketing..

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