Softletter SaaS U Cloud Business Operations Course

  • Duration 2h 30m


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What Will I Learn?

  • Learn how to improve operations and business flexibility with this course

Topics for this course

6 Lessons2h 30m

SaaS and Cloud University Online Business Operations

The SaaS/Mobile Application Convergence, Jan Aleman–00:40:00
SaaS User Interface Design: Learning How to Paint With a Different Palette, Paul Giurata–00:40:00
The Future of Wearables/M2M and SaaS, Chris Holbert–00:40:00
Automating Operations: An Candid Analysis of CRM and Marketing and Sales Operations Choices, Jose Briones–00:40:00
Managing a Hybrid Porfolio: The On Premise vs. SaaS Syndrome, Stephen Williams–00:40:00
“Connected SaaS Operations” Model, Ranjith Ramakrishan–

Material Includes

  • Presentation decks from this course are available to download