Softletter SaaS U Cloud Sales and Marketing Course


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What Will I Learn?

  • Learn effective techniques and models to improve your SaaS Sale and Marketing operations

Topics for this course

9 Lessons3h 30m

Softletter SaaS U Sales and Marketing Course

Increase Your Customer Upsell and Grow Revenue by 50%, Bob Jurkowski00:40:00
Selling Professional Services in SaaS: Necessary Evil, or a Strategic Part of your Revenue and Profits?, Merritt Alberti00:40:00
Profiting in Professional Services. Tim Diassi00:40:00
SaaS Sales & Services Compensation Methodologies, Jeff Saling00:40:00
How to Build a Killer SaaS Reseller Channel, Ted Finch00:40:00
Compensating Your Channel Partners and Your Salespeople, Harold Holgren00:40:00
Seeking Efficiency: Implementing SaaS Triggered Campaigns, Anthony Nygren00:40:00
The Physics of Freemium: Is the SaaS Freemium Model Right for You?, Jack Mardack00:40:00
Crossing the Finish Line: Doing “Big Deals” in a SaaS World, Jim Geisman00:40:00

Material Includes

  • Complete slide presentations in this course