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Preface to the Third Edition

Introduction from the First Edition

Chapter One
First Movers, First Mistakes: IBM, Digital Research, Apple, and Microsoft

Chapter Two
Devious Devices: IBM and the PC Junior, Jeff Bezos and the Fire Phone

Chapter Three
Positioning Puzzlers: MicroPro and Microsoft

Chapter Four
We Hate You, We Really Hate You: Ed Esber and Ashton-Tate

Chapter Five
The Idiot Piper: OS/2 and IBM

Chapter Six
Frenchman Eats Frog, Chokes to Death: Borland and Philippe Kahn

Chapter Seven
Brands for the Burning: Intel and Google

Chapter Eight
From Godzilla to Gecko: The Long, Slow Extinction of Novell

Chapter Nine
Ripping PR Yarns: Bill Gates, Marc Andreessen, Steve Jobs Disease, and Assorted Steve Jobs Wannabees

Chapter 10
Purple Haze All Through My Brain: The Internet and ASP Busts

Chapter 11
Thanks Dan Lyons! Now Everyone over 40 Really Is Unemployable in High-Tech: Dan Lyons, HubSpot, and Ageism

Chapter 12
A Lifetime of Regret: The 2015 Steve Jobs Movie

Chapter 13
Burning Down the House: The War between the Trade Book Publishers and Amazon

Chapter 14

The Social Ministries: Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Various Other Enforcers

Chapter 15
On Avoiding Stupidity

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