EPIC Online Positioning Training

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*EPIC Online Positioning Training

*Effective Positioning Integrated Collaboratively

EPIC Online positioning training

Softletter’s Online Positioning Training for High-Tech companies is a unique and powerful resource designed to ensure positioning is market-ready before the release of your product and/or service. Readers of In Search of Stupidity: Over 40 Years of High-Tech Marketing Disasters know that some of the book’s most catastrophic marketing failures focus on fatally flawed product and company positioning strategies. But despite all the attention given to the topic, every day both startups and established companies introduce new products that violate the iron rules of positioning and pay the ongoing painful price.

Because proper product and company positioning is the most important marketing activity your company implements. If you don't do it properly (or at all), every other aspect of your sales and marketing programs will begin to fail. There are no exceptions.

EPIC training is built around  high-tech's most comprehensive and battle-tested positioning system. The genesis for EPIC began when as a product manager at once-leading software company MicroPro, Rick Chapman personally experienced and struggled against one of the software industry’s most deadly positioning disasters, one that destroyed the company. After working with literally dozens of other companies who continued to recreate MicroPro’s deadly mistakes, he developed EPIC to ensure your firm doesn't go to market with crippled marketing plans. After you’ve taken the course, you will be equipped to successfully position your company's products and build a future platform for revenue growth and profit

An EPIC course includes eight one-hour classes that run for eight weeks. Class attendance is limited.  All sessions are led by Softletter Managing Editor Merrill R. (Rick) Chapman. He'll work with you and the class collaboratively to examine every aspect of your current positioning strategy and ensure it aligns with your market’s perceptions of your company and products.

The curriculum sessions include:

  • Examining your current product positioning statement(s) and strategy in the context of your industry and prospective customers.
  • Developing a compelling and concise product and/or company positioning strategy.
  • Mapping your positioning statement(s) against your product category and class.
  • Analyzing whether your category claims track against your features/benefits capabilities.
  • Carrying out a detailed analysis of your current marketing vocabulary.
  • Analyzing your brand elements, axes, and future brand strategies.
  • Developing, refining, and testing optimal positioning strategies and supporting elements.
  • Avoiding positioning mistakes within your own product lines (critical!) and  executing repositioning strategies if necessary.

EPIC training encompasses eight one hour sessions over eight weeks. Sessions are held in an online collaborative environment where attendees are encouraged to work with Rick Chapman and each other. All sessions are recorded. During the duration of the course, we do from time to time invite guest speakers to present and discuss topics and issues of particular interest to the attendees.

EPIC Online Training Sessions are held quarterly. Specific dates will be posted on the EPIC Schedule page.

The cost of attending an EPIC online positioning course is $1,399.  Attendance is limited. Courses are held four times a year.

If your company would like to arrange for a private course attended by company employees only, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss the details of the program.

Q: Are the sessions recorded for future review?

A: Yes. They are recorded and your complete course will be stored and available for reviewing for up to six months after the course is completed?

Q: Do you provide assignments between sessions?

A: Yes. We will provide you exercises and research assignments in between the sessions. We ask you share your work and insights with your fellow attendees throughout the course.

Q: What type of software will I need?

A: None. We will using the Zoom system for much of the online presentation, supplemented by our LearnDash online learning system.

Q: If I can't make a particular session, can I send a substitute?

A: You are welcome to send a substitute.

Q: Will I receive a certification of completion?

A: Yes, you certainly will!



Some of the Templates and Checklists You'll Be Working With


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