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Book Review: Pandemia — How Coronavirus Hysteria Took Over Our Government, Rights, and Lives

Pandemia: How Corona Hysteria Took Over Our Government, Rights, and Lives, Washington, D.C, 2022, Regnery Publishing Book Review Summary Pandemia is the most important book to be published about the Wuhan (COVID) pandemic of 2020 through 2023. Supported by copious amounts of accurate data (much of which was not disclosed to the American people by the American government as Wuhan gained strength and spread through the country), it is required reading for anyone who needs to understand what happened, why, and what the future potentially holds. The book is well written, even handed in its criticism of the various players

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“Twas Brillig and Fetterman Led the Slithy Polls by Two”: Kara Swisher Galumphs with the Democratic Candidate for U.S. Tulgey

High-tech has always had its Grand Dames. In the 1970s and 80s, the grandest of them all was Esther Dyson. Esther is the daughter of renowned theoretical physicist Freeman, who’s most famous for building (virtually) the Dyson sphere, a construct designed to englobe a sun and suck all the energy from it, thus powering a civilization even capable of counting the votes in a national election in a single day. The Dyson sphere lives in on the imagination of exobiologists, who feverishly scan the skies using the Hubble, Kepler, and Webb telescopes for the signs of working Dyson sphere powering

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Second Metaverse, Same as the First!

On October 28, 2021, Facebook surprised high-tech by announcing it was changing its name to Meta and that the company intended to conquer the Metaverse. This is a bold move. Facebook is the second largest social media company behind Google (Twitter is a very distant third) and its brand, a direct result of its power and profitability, a mighty force. It also owns Instagram, Whatsapp, and Oculus VR, the company that makes all those 3D gaming goggles you loudly hinted you wanted for Father’s Day, used twice, then never picked up again (you know who you are). The name change

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Avenge the Genocide Olympics! Stop Using Tik-Tok

The 2022 Winter Olympics are over and like a true American patriot, I celebrated the event by not watching a minute of it. Don’t get me wrong. I’m from the northeast and as a boy spent many hours figure skating on Van Cortlandt lake after it froze up during the winter months. I also  collected a chipped tooth and scar on my chin from The Bronx’s version of skeleton, which consists of shooting down a snow-covered hill at high speed on a sled, trash can lid, cardboard box, or whatever will do the trick while avoiding rocks (chin scar), dogs,

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NFTs: Monetizing the Moment

Athon Slotkin, The Shadow CEO A sample NBA Top Shot digital sample playing card Dean Christensen. When not creating art, he plays for the amateur basketball team “The Brooklyn Eyebleeds” Profile Info: Company names The Stealth CEO Dapper Labs: Years in business: January, 2021. Principal management:  Athon Slotkin: Athon has earned the title of “The Shadow CEO” by working with thousands of businesses to adjust business strategy, see the big picture, make innovative brand or financial moves, and pivot accordingly to market developments. He is currently working with several startups on the NFT market.  Roham Gharegozlou: Roham is the

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Biden Boys Bear Down on Big Tech With Big Unfriendly Bear Hugs (Republicans Prepare Their Own Big Beat Downs)

In Chapter 14, “The Social Ministries,” I make the point that Big Social Media has earned itself no friends in Washington D.C. despite the boatloads of PAC and campaign donations showered on both political parties. From both sides of the aisle, their ROI on their investment has been paltry. In 2018, the left wing, represented by Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Corey Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Tulsi Gabbard, and other progressive presidential candidates called for all the social media giants and Amazon to either be broken up or heavily regulated. The FTC’s Democrats were ready to disembowel Facebook. The right wing wasn’t

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Return of the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys

The phrase “cheese eating surrender monkeys” first entered the main lexicon of American English just before the beginning of the second Iraq war courtesy of the ever-running The Simpsons cartoon series.  France’s reputation for toughness has never recovered from that whole WWII-breakout-in-the-Ardennes-Forest thing and when the country declined to join the forces preparing to invade Iraq post 9/11, “surrender monkey” became a popular meme which makes the teeth of every Frenchmen grind. Thus, it was with some surprise that I found myself writing admiringly of the courage of the French as Jeff Bezos and his merry band of monopolists/monopolists attempted

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I, Chatbot

Company Profile Company name: Enterprise Bot   Years in business: Founded in October 2016 Locations: 30 clients and employs 77 people split between Switzerland and India Number of employees: 77 Principal management: Pranay Jain CEO, Pranay Jain is the co-founder and CEO of Enterprise Bot. Originally from Pune, he studied business at Bentley University in the United States and developed a strong interest in information technology during his internship. His work with AI caught British multinational Barclays’ attention, and the bank invited him and his team, Co-founder Ravina Mutha and Co-founder and CTO Sandeep Jayasankar to a hackathon in Mumbai which tasked them with creating an effective

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The New “Hate Speech” is “Misinformation”

Everyone claims to love the First Amendment and well they should, because the FA is the most significant political concept since the Greeks developed the concept of democratic government. And considering what happened to Socrates, the First Amendment has been better implemented. When judging nations, the FA is the gold standard for separating first rate nations from the second rate. If your country adheres to U.S. standards of freedom of speech, you’re first rate. Like to throw nursing mothers into jail because they won’t call a guy (biologically) a gal? Second rate. (Sorry, Mother England. You didn’t seem to learn

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It Absolutely Will Not Stop, Ever, Until It…Closes You

Chad Burmesiter, CEO, ScaleX Company Profile Info Company name: ScaleX, Inc. Years in business: Three. Location(s:) Virtual. #empolyees: Five. Principal management: Chad Burmeister, CEO, Rich Blakeman, CRO. Revenue % growth over last year: 85%. Primary business successes to date: 100+ clients Primary sales model (direct, indirect. telemarketing, etc):Direct and indirect model (15 resellers growing to 50 by June 20, 2021) Average size of sale. $6,000 to $50,000 Primary marketing methods.  ScaleX uses our own outreach technologies – data + digital (email, social, paid-ads, warm introductions) and dials (using agent-assisted dials). Contact Info Website:  Email : [email protected] Twitter: chad_burmeister Introduction

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Rick Chapman

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John Miller

John has been working in the IT industry since the 1980’s firstly as a Sales and Marketing Director including Techex a global distribution company, Olivetti, Norsk Data and Intergraph

He was a founder member of Delta Channel Services  back in 1995 and has since visited over 40 countries consulting, speaking at channel conferences and delivering training workshops

John has launched several SaaS based business, a Non Executive Director to several start ups and is based in the UK