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The LinkedIn Group Owners Satisfaction and Future Usage Survey. Sponsored by and Softletter

Dear Colleague:

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This survey will provide LinkedIn Owners and Managers on the future of LI Groups future. The survey consists of 11 questions that can be completed in five minutes. All participants will receive a copy of the survey results and the accompanying report.

We believe this is the only independent report that has been conducted on this issue and will supply the industry with valuable insight into the future of what has been a thriving component of the B2B social media universe.

Everyone who supplies data for this survey will receive a complimentary copy of the full survey results. Of course, all responses will be strictly confidential. We won’t disclose or identify data about any individuals or about participating companies.

Please pass this invitation along to a colleague or LinkedIn group owner or manager who you feel should participate.

Final survey results will appear in an online issue of Softletter  in September.

Many thanks for your help!

Merrill R. (Rick) Chapman
Managing Editor, Softletter

Click to Take the LinkedIn Group Owners Survey Now

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