An Interview with Daniel Kottke, the Man Who Built Some of Steve Jobs’ First Macintoshes (and Witness to the Last Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field)

Daniel Kottke was Apple employee number 12 and at one point a close friend of Steve Jobs, meeting him at Reed College in 1972. He accompanied Jobs on what has become a semi-legendary trip to India before Apple’s founding in 1976, an event portrayed on film and widely...

Thanks, Dan Lyons. Now Anyone over 40 Really IS Unemployable in High-Tech. An Open Letter to HubSpot, Brian Halligan, and Dharmesh Shah

Dear Brian and Dharmesh: I have to admit that when I read a while ago that Dan Lyons had been hired by SaaS firm HubSpot, I was gobsmacked. I mean, Dan Lyons, former technology editor for Newsweek, which itself was started at the same time Moses was publishing the Ten...

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