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Liver follows the adventures of high-tech serial wantrepreneurs Nate Pennington and Ignacio Loehman as they begin their journey to startup glory. Through a series of fortuitous events, they find themselves in possession of Steve Jobs’ liver, the 1.0 version removed from his body during his transplant operation), Inspired by the life and wisdom of Steve Jobs, they decide they will put a ding in the universe, mind meld, and create a new business concept that will bring Steve back to the masses and enable anyone to be inspired by America’s greatest entrepreneur.

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After 20 years, the Classic Is Back! Softletter Releases the 3rd Edition of In Search of Stupidity: Over 40 Years of High-Tech Marketing Disasters


Excerpt from Chapter 14 "The Social Ministries: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Various Other Enforcers"

LinkedIn’s success in disintermediating its groups from their “owners” did not go unnoticed over at Facebook, now the 900lb gorilla of social networks. In 2014, the company began its own campaign to kick its stakeholders from their positions atop “their” business pages. This was done via, in Facebook’s own jargon, by “reducing organic reach,” in other words, blocking people who signed up for “your” page from seeing “your” posts in “their” Facebook News Feed. Prior to this, if you had a following of 100 people, between 20-to-30 of them would typically see your posts, and the number could be much higher.

Now, that number would be much lower. How much lower? Facebook was a bit coy on the topic, but the answer turned out to be one, or two, or maybe none. What was going to appear in your network’s News Feed instead? Whoever Facebook wanted or whatever and advertiser paid for the privilege.

In other words, Facebook had succeeded overnight in turning your social and business network into their business networkle as lists at great profit. What was their reward for this?

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