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When Dull is Divine: B-File Brings the Bucks in Insuretech

Over the last several years, the SaaS Revolution has sparked the release of literally thousands of new applications and apps, with the current trend being to release a flood of new programs with chirpy names such as Tinkersynth, Upvoty, Toky, (ending names with the diminutive “y” is currently all the

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Windows 10 S: The End of Free Range Software

Microsoft wants this on your plate but not in your computer The high-tech industry is full of people opposed to GMOs and in favor of free range chickens, but when it comes to software, putting code in cages is currently all the rage. What we tend to think of as

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Pollfish: The App as Channel

Pollfish: Is that Smartphone a Channel in Your Pocket or Do You Just Want to Ask Me Something?     Calm down, California. You’ll get over this. Someday Unless you were sealed in a time capsule circa 2000 alongside your Nokia 3390 (dig that 459-character text limit. Wish Twitter did

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