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A SaaS Planning and Transition Tool For SaaS Companies

If you’re a SaaS company, you’re probably a major consumer of SaaS technology. Today’s cloud companies have access to a wide variety of tools and systems, including Email, SEO, marketing automation, project managers, social networking tools, sales contact management and on and on. It’s all available and in just about

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A Lifetime of Regret: A Post Mortem of Steve Jobs the Movie

The Altair, Atari, IMSAI and TRS-80 all deserve their place in history, but it was Steve Wozniak’s monument, the Apple II, that best represents the weltanschauung of the time. The system was described in Apple ads as an “appliance” computer, but if you owned one, that was sheer nonsense. The

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Zwivel: A Case of SaaS Making You Look Good (no, literally)

A Softletter Mobile Applications Business Case Study Company Zwivel LLC  HQ 45 Eisenhower Drive, Paramus, NJ  07652  Market/Industry Health Care/Cosmetic Medicine  Company Principals Gary D. Breslow, MD and CEO, Scott Kera, COO  Founded/Years in Business Founded 2012;  Launched January 2015  Company Development Type Privately held, privately funded  % of Revenue Growth

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