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Sponsor Softletter

Sponsorship Details

If you’re interested in reaching an audience of senior SaaS and mobile apps executives who you believe are candidates for your services, continuous you should sponsor Softletter. Our sponsorship programs are a major opportunity to reach interested and qualified leads while providing information relevant to their business needs.

Softletter Goals

  • Provide a high content information portal for senior executives in the software industry.
  • Develop and release new information, case studies, and research that examine the latest business issues and technology developments.
  • Provide onsite networking, discussion, and professional interchange.

Softletter Target Audience

Senior executives from SaaS, mobile, We focus on technology providers, not consumers.

Softletter Background

Softletter has been in continuous publication since 1983. In 2012, we ceased publishing a paper newsletter and moved to an online format. Softletter provides case studies, operations insights, and business metrics on a bimonthly basis. More information can be found at the About Softletter page on this site.

Softletter Sponsorship Programs

Sponsorship Program Elements

  • On regular subscription to Softletter. Includes access to all our metrics, case studies, and special editions.
  • Four regular mailings to the Softletter subscriber and newsletter list The list is currently 8K in size.
  • Ten scholarship tickets for you to provide to selected customers that will enable them to attend SaaS and Cloud University Online for 12 months and have access to the complete curriculum, receive a free copy of SaaS Entrepreneur: The Definitive Guide to Succeeding in Your Cloud Application Business, a free copy of the SaaS Entrepreneur Virtual DVD, and related material. In addition, five tickets will be available for your internal use. An additional 20 tickets can be purchased for $24.99 each.
  • One copy for internal use of all Softletter research reports, both existing and updated new versions during the length of the sponsorship. This will include The Softletter SaaS Report, The Softletter Direct Sales Compensation and Efficiency Report, and our new and updated Staffing, Lead Generation, and Business Metrics reports.
  • Premium branding on the Softletter home posts pages relevant to your sponsorship for 12 months.
  • One jointly sponsored survey on an industry topic picked by Softletter and the sponsor. Surveys are one of the most effective ways to generate highly qualified leads as companies who participate in them are very motivated to discover more about the specific business challenges they face and highly receptive to communications that provide specific data and metrics about their industry and its operations.
  • Co-sponsorship of webinars and/or videos created from a survey or research study. Softletter typically releases online programs that invite industry executives to obtain advanced access and special analyses when new research is published. Such programs are also prime opportunities to generate highly qualified leads while providing valuable information to prospective clients.

The Cost of a Sponsorship is $8.5K.

To find out more about sponsoring Softletter, please call us at 860.388.7549 or click on the button below.

We look forward to working with you!

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