The Softletter Company and Product Positioning Course for High-Technology

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Why Is Company and Product Positioning to Your Business Success?

Because every aspect of your sales and marketing programs will if your positioning is unclear, confusing, and not accepted by the market

Course Curriculum

In the introduction, we’ll discuss what you’ll be learning and why and revisit the 1980s (you know, back to the future) to examine the positioning disaster that destroyed what was then the largest desktop software company in the world.

Categorization is bedrock of positioning. It’s goal is to clearly tell your prospective customers what you want them to buy.

Now that your prospective customers know what you’re selling, how do you create an appealing vision of your product?

Having created the basic vision, how do you supercharge it in the mind’s eye?

Now that they see it, how do you describe it?

This session walks through the process of creating effective positioning statements.

All products and services live in a world of prices and class. You’re going to learn how to connect these to your positioning.

Everyone thinks their products and service maps  to premium pricing and perceptions. Are you sure? Learn how to find out.

In this course you’ll learn how to  communicate and integrate your positioning message to your market with consistency and repetition.

In this course you’ll examine the role that branding elements can play in supporting your positioning strategy and lay the foundation for a formal branding program, if your business model and revenue justifies it.

Part I of these sessions what a brand is how they are created.

In Part Two, we analyze the advantages of brands,  their limitations, how brands can transform into anti-brands, and the cost of formal branding campaigns.

You’ll take a quick tour through some famous positioning mistakes and learn how to fix them (warning: it’s never easy>).

You continue learning how to use a variety of different techniques to escape from positioning hell.

You’ll review what you’ve learned and provided further resources to help assist you in the future.

Don’t forget! Access to the Positioning Course is included with your Softletter Gold Subscriber subscription

Some of the Templates and Checklists You'll Be Working With


Don’t forget! Access to the Positioning Course is included free with your Softletter Gold Subscriber subscription