The Softletter SaaS Report

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Comprehensive SaaS Business Metrics

SaaS Report Cover 2016

SaaS has evolved from an outlier to the industry’s dominant model. More companies are entering the market every day and once sleepy niches are filling up with new competitors. To help maximize your chances for success, you need The Softletter SaaS Report’s timely information and insights to help spot opportunities and thrive and grow in today’s hyper-competitive markets.

The Report Covers:

  • Revenue performance
  • Trial and freemium conversion rates
  • Churn and renewal rates
  • Adoption of multi-tenancy
  • Security standards
  • Uptime guarantees
  • Use of open source
  • Pricing models
  • Marketing and sales ratios
  • Discounting
  • SaaS channels

and much more.

Reasons to Buy

  • The SaaS Report is the most cost effective source of key metrics and benchmarks on how and what makes SaaS tick. Without its invaluable metrics, you won’t be prepared to execute best practices
  • The SaaS Report provides hard data unavailable from any other resource. It will help you judge and improve the performance of your operations including R&D, sales, and marketing.
  • Softletter has been tracking the SaaS business model for longer than any other research firm, regardless of size. We released our first SaaS Report in October of 2006, years before any other firm. Softletter sponsored the industry’s first SaaS conference in 2007 (San Jose) and Softletter editor Merrill R. (Rick) Chapman is the author of SaaS Entrepreneur: The Definitive Guide to Succeeding in Your Cloud Application Business.

The Most Comprehensive SaaS Metrics Resource Available

Anthony Bigornia
Anthony BigorniaSenior Director, Corporate Strategy, Motorola Solutions, Inc
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The Corporate Strategy team at Motorola Solutions uses the report to provide us guidance in our plans as we incubate a new software business. The metrics are very helpful in providing guidance vis a vis our current and future investment levels in sales and marketing, R&D, etc
Mitch Russo
Mitch RussoCEO, PowerTribes, former COO of Sage
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"The Softletter SaaS Report" is an invaluable resource. I was able to find information about SaaS and business trends that I couldn’t find in any other publication or on any website. The information on freemium and trial access trends and the cross tabs were critical in guiding us on our monetization strategy.
Jeff Kaplan
Jeff Kaplan Managing Director of THINKstrategies, Inc. and the SaaS Showplace
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This report includes the most extensive benchmarking data available in the SaaS market today.

The Softletter SaaS Report is the industry’s most comprehensive strategic benchmark resource for companies planning to grow and succeed in Software as a Service. Detailed analyses backed by over 700 tables and graphs provide unparalleled insight into the business dynamics driving SaaS

First introduced in 2006, the latest edition of The Softletter SaaS Report contains almost 400 pages of invaluable data on SaaS.  The information in the report is unique and provides insights and hard data available from no other industry source.

If your company is introducing a SaaS product, establishing a new SaaS business unit or division, or transitioning to the cloud, The Softletter SaaS Report is a required presence in your strategic business operations toolkit.

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