The Softletter SaaS Direct Sales Compensation and Efficiency Report

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Critical Metrics on a Critical Topic

Report Overview

For 80% of Software as a Service firms, direct sales is a critical part of their operations. There are many blog posts and sample plans and plenty of one-off advice, but few sources for hard data and information on what your peers and competitors are doing and how well it’s working. But just that sort of information is what you’ll find in The Softletter SaaS Direct  Sales Compensation and Efficiency Report.

With over 200 tables and graphs backed by informed analysis and commentary, cross referenced by company revenue, primary market, and company type,  The Report is a must purchase for any software company head of sales and marketing. Key sales metrics analyzed include close rates, compensation levels and models, variable compensation payment rates, quota achievement, sales plan performance, and much more.

Discover More about the Report and Read the Complete Table of Contents

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