A SaaS Planning and Transition Tool For SaaS Companies

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If you're a SaaS company, you're probably a major consumer of SaaS technology. Today's cloud companies have access to a wide variety of tools and systems, including Email, SEO, marketing automation, project managers, social networking tools, sales contact management and on and on. It's all available and in just about every case, SaaS systems offer flexibility and 24/7 connectivity that makes their usage not only useful, but just about mandatory. The Age of Corporate Servers and Desktops is drawing to a rapid end (at least until some major catastrophe shuts the web down for an extended period. Then we may say a revival of the on-premise model, perhaps as a form of personal backup). However, if you're a SaaS startup, there is one definite hole in the mix of services available to SaaS companies. That's a SaaS planning tool to help SaaS startups and companies moving legacy applications to an online environment. The flood of SaaS startups shows no sign of abating and there are many larger companies currently sustaining hybrid portfolios(legacy/online) launching internal initiatives to switch to move their products lines to SaaS. In addition, there are many software firms with valuable reseller channels who need to retrain and...

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