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SaaS University consists of five online tracks currently broken into 29 online courses. These sessions provide some of the best and most timely discussions and analyses of building and sustaining  a successful SaaS company.

Below is an outline of the current curriculum.  In depth information on the course and presenters can be found out via the links below. 

  • SasS and  Cloud Online Analytics and Business Metrics.

  • Saas And Cloud University Analytics And Business Metrics

  • Saas And Cloud University Business Operations

  • SaaS And Cloud University Research

  • Saas and Cloud University Sales and Marketing

New courses are being added continuously. The next new course will be a 40-minute deep dive into key SaaS financial metrics derived from the Softletter100, a curated selection of leading publicly owned SaaS companies.

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Softletter’s Online Positioning Training for High-Tech companies is a unique and powerful resource designed to ensure positioning is market-ready before the release of your product and/or service. Readers of In Search of Stupidity: Over 40 Years of High-Tech Marketing Disasters know that some of the book’s most catastrophic marketing failures focus on fatally flawed product and company positioning strategies. But despite all the attention given to the topic, every day both startups and established companies introduce new products that violate the iron rules of positioning and pay the ongoing painful price.