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Examine key SaaS metrics to assist your business to grow. Latest courses cover topics such as SaaS firm’s cost of sales numbers for 2020.

Learn How to Leverage the Power of SaaS Data

  • Lessons from the Field: The Seven Figure Revenue Increase Solution, Cory Von Wallenstein
  • What’s Next? Big Data’s Integration into the Connected Device, Jim Bak
  • What SaaS Data to Measure and How, Paul Pressler
  • Big Analytics and Big Revenues in SaaS, Matthew Shanahan
  • Embedding Cloud Business Analytics: The Analytics Case for ISVs, Eileen Boerger
  • Leveraging SaaS Analytics to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Company Profitability, Karl Wirth
  • Critical Analytics to Track, Don MacLennan
  • The Analytics Proposition: Extending Capabilities to Drive Revenue, Kurt Spendlove

SaaS Sales and Marketing

  • Increase Your Customer Upsell and Grow Revenue by 50%, Bob Jurkowski
  • Selling Professional Services in SaaS: Necessary Evil, or a Strategic Part of your Revenue and Profits?, Merritt Alberti
  • Profiting in Professional Services, Tim Diassi
  • SaaS Sales & Services Compensation Methodologies, Jeff Saling
  • How to Build a Killer SaaS Reseller Channel, Ted Finch
  • Compensating Your Channel Partners and Your Salespeople, Harold Holgren
  • Seeking Efficiency: Implementing SaaS Triggered Campaigns, Anthony Nygren
  • The Physics of Freemium: Is the SaaS Freemium Model Right for You?, Jack Mardack
  • Crossing the Finish Line: Doing “Big Deals” in a SaaS World, Jim Geisman

Key Legal Issues That Impact Your Business

  • How to Negotiate and Close SaaS Enterprise Agreements, Jeremy Aber
  • Nine Hot-Button Legal Issues in the Cloud, Michael Whitener, Michael Whitener

Improving Business Operations and Flexibility

  • The SaaS/Mobile Application Convergence, Jan Aleman
  • SaaS User Interface Design: Learning How to Paint With a Different Palette, Paul Giurata
  • The Future of Wearables/M2M and SaaS, Chris Holbert
  • Automating Operations: An Candid Analysis of CRM and Marketing and Sales Operations Choices, Jose Briones
  • Managing a Hybrid Porfolio: The On Premise vs. SaaS Syndrome, Stephen Williams
  • Connected SaaS Operations, Model, Ranjith Ramakrishan

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