EPIC Online Company and Product Positioning

Softletter’s EPIC™ Online Positioning Training for High-Tech Companies is a unique and powerful resource designed to ensure your positioning strategies and communication is ready before your products and services are released.

EPIC Online Positioning

Readers of In Search of Stupidity: Over 40 Years of High-Tech Marketing Disasters, know that some of the book’s most catastrophic marketing failures focus on fatally flawed product and company positioning.

But despite all the attention given to the topic, every day both startups and established companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and dozens of others introduce new products that violate the iron rules of positioning and pay the painful, ongoing price.

What Does EPIC Training Consist Of?

EPIC training consists of six one-hour online courses given remotely in an interactive live video environment. Classes are limited to 10 attendees per session. All courses are presided over by Softletter editor and author of In Search of Stupidity: Over 40 Years of High-Tech Marketing Disasters Rick Chapman.

During the session, attendees will work alongside Rick and their classmates to develop a compelling and effective positioning strategy and message for their products and services. Providing additional guidance will be your class courseware, which includes:

In addition to the regular sessions, each attendee also receives an exclusive one hour, one-on-one session with Rick to discuss challenges and obstacles unique to your company.


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