*EPIC On-Site Positioning Training

*Effective Positioning Integrated Collaboratively

EPIC On Site Positioning Courses

We recognize that online training may not meet every firm’s needs. Reasons can include:

  • Concerns about not discussing confidential information online in front of potential competitors.
  • Your positioning issues require intense one-on-one discussion and analyses.
  • Scheduling issues make it more efficient to work at your location.
    You want multiple people across different business units and departments to work together in person.
  • You may wish to show or display proprietary collaterals or technology in a secure environment.

To address the above issues, Softletter offers on-site positioning training. The program incorporates:

  • Two-full day sessions, each lasting eight hours, with breaks and a one hour period for lunch. Sessions are normally given during work days, though we can schedule weekend sessions if necessary.
  • All attendees receive the same course materials provided online trainees.
  • Extra time dedicated to specific issues and challenges facing your company can be scheduled in advance of the sessions. We will be happy to sign any necessary NDAs.
  • Up to 20 people from your company can attend both sessions.
  • The cost of an onsite session is $25 thousand collars. There are no other charges associated with the program such as travel (in the U.S.), lodging, materials, etc. Your company will be responsible for providing the training facility or venue with internet access, power, refreshments for attendees, and related issues. We will also require access to a whiteboard and markers or electronic equivalent. We will supply a display projector.

To find out more about onsite training, please call us at 860.388.7549 or email us at: [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you!

Some of the Course Materials You'll Be Working With...

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