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What's in Company and Product Positioning Course?

Course Curriculum

A brief introduction to the course and an explanation of why company and product positioning is vital to your sales and marketing success.

Categorization is the process placing your software within a spectrum of possibilities. If you’re a game, then your mind naturally moves in one direction. A web browser, another. Categorization often seems easy, but sometimes, looks can be deceiving. pulvinar dapibus leo.

Now that your prospective customers know what you’re selling, how do you create an appealing vision of your product?

Having created the basic vision, how do you supercharge it in the mind’s eye?

Now that they see it, how do you describe it?

This session walks through the process of creating effective positioning statements.

Pricing is inexorably tied to product class. This lesson examines the dynamics of this process and what happens when a disconnect occurs.

Everyone thinks their products and service maps  to premium pricing and perceptions. Are you sure? Learn how to find out.

In this course you’ll learn how to  communicate and integrate your positioning message to your market with consistency and repetition.

Too many companies make the mistake of confusing positioning with branding. They are not the same thing. Positioning always proceeds any branding campaigns and efforts, and in many cases is built organically by sales success. We’ be digging into this reality in this lesson.

In Part Two, we analyze the advantages of brands,  their limitations, how brands can transform into anti-brands, and the cost of formal branding campaigns.

In this course we discuss the various types branding elements, how they function,  and how they can support both your positioning and long-term brand building.

You’ll take a sad tour through some famous positioning mistakes and learn how to fix them (warning: it’s never easy).

You’ll continue learning how to use a variety of different techniques to escape from positioning hell.

We review what you’ve learned and provide further resources to help assist you in the future.


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