An Interview with Daniel Kottke, the Man Who Built Some of Steve Jobs’ First Macintoshes (and Witness to the Last Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field)

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Daniel Kottke today Daniel Kottke was Apple employee number 12 and at one point a close friend of Steve Jobs, meeting him at Reed College in 1972. He accompanied Jobs on what has become a semi-legendary trip to India before Apple’s founding in 1976, an event portrayed on film and widely documented. Daniel Kottke and Steve Jobs in the late 70s Daniel was heavily involved in building and testing the early versions of the Apple II computer, and later built the some of the first prototypes of the Apple III and the Macintosh computers─he owns the first Macintosh circuit board in additional to several other early Mac, Apple II, and Apple III prototypes. Daniel also worked on the design of the original Mac’s keyboard and his signature can be An early Apple III motherboard. The computer worked better when you dropped it. (This is not a joke) Daniel Kottke pointing to his name inside the early Macintoshes found on the interior case of the first run of the original Mac 128s and 512s (it’s up in the upper left quadrant). Click here to see...

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