Key Highlights from Softletter’s Software Company Staffing Report, Part II of II

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The following information is excerpted from Softletter's forthcoming Software Company Staffing Report. Very little information or data is available on this topic in the industry and given the recent controversy over such topics as outsourcing, H-1B, the relocation of jobs from the U.S. to international venues, the possible misuse of H-1B by companies such as Disney and Southern California Edison and the ongoing questions about how software companies staff up, we think this information very timely.  Both parts of this article will be open through the end of the year and then only be available to Softletter subscribers.) The Softletter 2016 Software Company Staffing Survey was launched in autumn of 2016 and will still be open for a few more days in order to enable industry executives to participate and receive the complete summary results.The MatrixCX ( online system is used to generate and manage the survey. The survey has currently recorded over 300 valid responses from senior software executives, enough to ensure the summary results are stable and will not change significantly. The purpose of this survey is to develop a comprehensive snapshot of the current state of how software companies staff, what jobs are most typically outsourced, and how staffing...

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