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The Softletter Political and Social Viewpoint Tolerance Survey for High-Technology Companies

Welcome to the first Softletter Political and Social Viewpoint Tolerance Survey for High-Technology Companies. Beginning with the election of Donald J. Trump in 2016 as the 45th president of the  United States, political and social viewpoints and tolerance towards differing ideas and attitudes became a matter of high interest and controversy in high technology. The entrance of the major social networks into politics as only intensified scrutiny of these issues.

The objective of this survey is to provide the software and high-technology industries with insights into how controversial political and social beliefs are dealt with and accepted by companies and the impact of these choices on morale and company efficiency.

All participants will receive the complete summary results as well as selected cross tabulations. All responses will be kept strictly confidential. While we provide you the option of providing your first and last name, these are optional. The only required profile field is an email address where we can send you notification of the location of the survey results online.

This survey will remain online for six weeks. Results will be published online in Softletter in early June, 2021.

Thank you for your assistance!

Rick Chapman

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