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Alice and Humpty
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“Twas Brillig and Fetterman Led the Slithy Polls by Two”: Kara Swisher Galumphs with the Democratic Candidate for U.S. Tulgey

High-tech has always had its Grand Dames. In the 1970s and 80s, the grandest of them all was Esther Dyson. Esther is the daughter of renowned theoretical physicist Freeman, who’s most famous for building (virtually) the Dyson sphere, a construct designed to englobe a sun and suck all the energy from it, thus powering a civilization even capable of counting the votes in a national election in a single day. The Dyson sphere lives in on the imagination of exobiologists, who feverishly scan the skies using the Hubble, Kepler, and Webb telescopes for the signs of working Dyson sphere powering

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