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It Absolutely Will Not Stop, Ever, Until It…Closes You

Chad Burmesiter, CEO, ScaleX Company Profile Info Company name: ScaleX, Inc. Years in business: Three. Location(s:) Virtual. #empolyees: Five. Principal management: Chad Burmeister, CEO, Rich Blakeman, CRO. Revenue % growth over last year: 85%. Primary business successes to date: 100+ clients Primary sales model (direct, indirect. telemarketing, etc):Direct and indirect model (15 resellers growing to 50 by June 20, 2021) Average size of sale. $6,000 to $50,000 Primary marketing methods.  ScaleX uses our own outreach technologies – data + digital (email, social, paid-ads, warm introductions) and dials (using agent-assisted dials). Contact Info Website:  Email : [email protected] Twitter: chad_burmeister Introduction

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