The New “Hate Speech” is “Misinformation”

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Everyone claims to love the First Amendment and well they should, because the FA is the most significant political concept since the Greeks developed the concept of democratic government. And considering what happened to Socrates, the First Amendment has been better implemented. When judging nations, the FA is the gold standard for separating first rate nations from the second rate. If your country adheres to U.S. standards of freedom of speech, you’re first rate. Like to throw nursing mothers into jail because they won’t call a guy (biologically) a gal? Second rate. (Sorry, Mother England. You didn’t seem to learn much from that whole American Revolutions thing.) The trouble is figuring out who’s serious about their overwhelming love for the First Amendment. After years of observation, I’ve developed and applied the “but” test. It’s super duper easy and anyone can use it! Here’s how in three easy steps: Find a controversial topic that’s in the news (no problem with that these days)!Follow the back and forth between the various adherents to different sides of the controversy.Wait for someone to say “I believe in the First Amendment but…” Congratulations! You’ve found your little dictator. There are no “buts” about the First...

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