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Softletter Platinum Subscriber

Your Platinum Subscription  provides you with access to one seat at an EPIC Positioning  six week course, access to the self-paced Softletter Company and Product Positioning Course for High-Technology, one copy of The Softletter SaaS Report and Product Positioning Workbook for High-Technology, access to Softletter premium content and much more.

$19.99 / month

Softletter SaaS U Full Curriculum

All 29 SaaS University Courses packed into one information and data rich environment.

The Softletter Company and Product Positioning Course for High-Technology

This 90-minute online course features Softletter Managing editor Rick Chapman providing detailed assistance and instruction on how to use the The Softletter Company and Product Positioning Workbook for High-Technology. Your purchase includes the Positioning Workbook, $149.99 if purchased separately, an e-copy of SaaS Entrepreneur: The Definitive Guide to Succeeding in Your Cloud Application Business and an e-copy of In Search of Stupidity: Over 40 Years of High-Tech Marketing Disasters.

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