When Dull is Divine: B-File Brings the Bucks in Insuretech

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Over the last several years, the SaaS Revolution has sparked the release of literally thousands of new applications and apps, with the current trend being to release a flood of new programs with chirpy names such as Tinkersynth, Upvoty, Toky, (ending names with the diminutive “y” is currently all the range, Culrs (vowel dropping is also popular), YoRemote, colorful, flat interfaces, all aimed at Millennials and Gen-Z’rs. But as Softletter readers know, SaaS grew by creating new product niches and transforming existing processes into SaaS systems. And while many of these markets aren’t sexy and product names aren’t catchy, they can significant provide opportunities for high growth and major revenues, as SaaS startup PersistEplan case study illustrates.  We spoke with company CTO Blake George about the company’s origin and growth.   Company Profile Company: PersistEplan, LLC Company HQ: Detroit, Michigan Market/Industry: Insurance Product Name/Positioning: PersistEplan's flagship product is B-File, a powerful, cloud-based, InsurTech SaaS system that allows licensed insurance sales producers to focus on making property and casualty insurance sales while simultaneously gathering information essential to the successful marketing of financial products and services. B-File strengthens the relationship between agency owners, sales producers and financial specialists. It turns prospects into long term customers. To date,...

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